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When you home has major electrical problems, you and your family are put at risk for electrical fires. Protect your home and loved ones with electrical repairs at the first sign of trouble. When you notice flickering or blinking lights, non-working outlets or switches, frequently popping light bulbs or blowing fuses or loose outlets, call us immediately for expert repair.

Do you need electrical repair?

Quality electrical

repairs save you money in the long run

- Outlets

- Switches

- Light fixtures

- LED lighting under cabinets

- USB charger outlets

- Occupancy sensors

We provide comprehensive repairs

Older facilities tend to have fewer outlets. This can be a problem for modern homeowners who have countless appliances and electronics. We install new outlets, switches and lighting fixtures to improve the functionality of your home. Your business facility can benefit from additional outlets as well. You will be able to make better use of your space and reduce the risk or power surges.

We can install new fixtures


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